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Skilled Nursing Services

Regularly scheduled nurse visits by a registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse are available for patients needing infrequent medical assistance. Intermittent care enables the patient to receive the highest quality healthcare when help from a professional is needed. A Registered Nurse can help you with managing a disease, recovering from an illness, medication management or Nurse Advocate ensuring each patient receives appropriate and professional care while attending to all clinical needs. We have the nursing professionals to help you along the way.

Medication Management

Medication Management is the monitoring of medication that a patient takes to confirm that the patient is complying with a medication regimen, while ensuring the patient is avoiding potentially dangerous drug interactions. Our nurses work closely with your physician to ensure the medications are current and accurate especially when you may have more than one physician involved in your care. Medication Management and Administration includes filling medication box as a reminder and to ensure the proper dose is distributed at the proper times. The Nurse will manage new medication or refills from your physician and picking them up from your pharmacy.

Wound Care, Ostomy Care and Continence Service

We specialize in Wound and Ostomy care for surgical and/ or pressure wounds, patient education on self- care and instructions for new colostomy patients.





Skilled Nursing Services