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The Friends & Co. program is for the adult living independently who needs a friend and advocate helping to enhance their quality of life. We work with a variety people such as those who may experience depression, loneliness, loss or just someone to bond with and enjoy each other’s company. We are here to share a meal together, share memories, go on walks and be active in the community or help individuals receive the necessary services and support.  Many people live too far away for regular contact with family member or have jobs that prevent them from getting together as frequently as they would like to.

 Friends & Co can arrange for a friend to make daily visits or fill in when family is unable to be with them during a hospital visit. If you have family dogs or cats that may need care while in the hospital, Friends & Co can stay and care for your animal while you’re away from your home or to alleviate the stress of worry while you’re in the hospital.

The Friends & Co. program strives to find ways to reach the wide range of people in our community needing someone they know and trust to be there. Older adults moving from their homes into Assisted Living can feel very displaced, lonely or isolated and often keep to themselves. Growing older we face different life challenges whether we are children, teenagers or adults, life can be full of stressful situations. The Friends & Co program can engage the client in activities or cognitive games to improve their mental ability. We provide the social interaction and friendship often overlook when families have other responsibilities in trying to balance everyday life.


  • Enable persons to remain physically and mentally active and to enhance their self-esteem through participating in local senior activities.
  • To achieve and maintain their highest level of independent living at a lower cost to the client.
  • To provide overnight coverage when feeling uncomfortable or anxious being alone.
  • To be a friend and resource in helping to link appropriate health-care providers or organizations concerned with the health and psycho-social needs of the older adult.

 Friends & CO provides special caring individuals who are focused on you and are committed loyal friends. For more information please call  303-651-5224.

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